John Kerry – Affair Allegations Exploding

The Drudge Report is reporting that John Kerry is fighting off allegations and investigations of infidelity. Earlier this week, Wesley Clark said in an off the record interview with a dozen reporters, “Kerry will implode over an intern issue.”

This is also theorized as the reason that Dean decided to stay in the race after Wisconsin. This news is about to go nuclear (or is it nuc-u-lar?).

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It’s worth noting that Drudge also broke the story on Bill Clinton & Monica Lewinsky – he’s a fairly credible source.

Also interesting is that Drudge’s servers have since collapsed under the load of this breaking story.

Looks like Drudge got some more servers up. WorldNetDaily has picked up the story.


3 thoughts on “John Kerry – Affair Allegations Exploding

  1. Certainly he walks a line further out than a lot of other news sources out there – mostly because he breaks the headline, while other sources wait until they have the whole story. In this case, he confirmed Wesley Clark’s comment through multiple eye-witnesses, and the news itself was already being investigated by several publications – they just didn’t have enough to publish it.

    If, however, you wish to discredit Drudge’s credibility, I ask this of you – find for me a story he has broken that was inaccurate. is yours for the researching. I’m not calling him a good reporter, that’s not his role. I’m saying the stories he breaks tend to be factually accurate.

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