Axis vs. Glue vs. ???

We’re diving into spike solutions to our need for J2EE Web Services (not a big XP shop, just something I realized is a habit of mine that happens to also be an XP practice). The big players in this area that I’ve heard of are Apache Axis and Glue. As an Apache project, Axis has a certain air of ubiquity and authority as the open source standard, but I’ve heard talk of it being a bit hard to use. On the other hand, Glue has a reputation for ease-of-use, but since TheMindElectric was purchased by webMethods, I ponder how much longer the free Standard Edition will be available with license terms that can handle heavy traffic.

I’ll try and keep this up to date with anything that I discover. In the interim, thoughts, experiences, rants, and suggestions of other tools for the job are more than welcome.


2 thoughts on “Axis vs. Glue vs. ???

  1. As a former user of both webMethods platform and Glue, I think it is a great match. The free version of Glue is still available, but I think only for non-commercial use. The price point at which they will sell glue know is definately going to be much higher, which sucks but I think it is definately going to improves the integration abilities of webMethods product suite.

  2. Exposing your objects as services is fairly similar from Axis to Glue. Both APIs are user-friendly, and both have excellent documentation. If it’s all you’re doing, I’m not sure Glue is worth the money. I personally enjoy the flexibility of being able to look at the source when questions or debugging issues arise.


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