Atlanta Java DevCon 2004

Finally, an inexpensive Java symposium. With conferences such as JavaOne ($1800) and TheServerSide Symposium ($1200) pushing the limits of IT Training budgets, and even local events like the NFJS conferences ($500) priced so companies can only send a fraction of their development team, I’m excited that AJUG has decided to present AJUG Java DevCon 2004, at a bargain price of $50.

The $50 price tag makes it possible for companies to send their entire team, or even for individuals to realistically pay their own way. Of course, there isn’t the full roster of nationally renowned speakers like at JavaOne or TSS Symposium, but you do get the Pragmatic Andy Hunt, Art of Java Web Development author Neal Ford, Sun expert Richard Manning, and a few other folks.

On a side note, I have been accorded the honor of speaking at this event. The session is called “Leveraging J2EE Security”, and the focus will be on concepts similar to “J2EE Security is superior, but you aren’t using it”. It’s not the most sexy, cutting-edge topic. Rather, much like this weblog, it aims to address a real meat-and-potatoes issue that can be immediately put to use in many applications with an immediate, positive impact. Whether or not you come to my session, I hope you’ll attend the event if you’re in the Atlanta area – I believe it will be one of the best value-for-money events available to deepen your Java skills.


One thought on “Atlanta Java DevCon 2004

  1. Thank you so much for getting the word out; I would have never known about it. I have long wanted to attend such a conference, but knew anything like JavaOne would be way out of our IT budget. But with such a great price and no travel expenses (as I live in Atlanta), my boss was more than happy to foot the bill. I hope to attend your session as its right up my development alley. Thanks!

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