DevCon security talk done, slides available

Thanks to the Atlanta Java Users Group for the opportunity to present at the first annual AJUG DevCon. I thought that it was a good program – good value for money. Where else can you get a day full of solid technical content and interaction with other developers plus 2 meals for $50?

My slides and example code are available here. From the glance I got at the evaluations, it seemed that many people enjoyed the presentation, and many people found it to be too low level. If you have any other comments on how I can deliver a better presentation, I welcome them – my email address is in the presentation slides, or you can just post comments here.


3 thoughts on “DevCon security talk done, slides available

  1. In response to your “What’s missing?” slide, bullet #1… if within the app you have access to the struts tags, you can use:

    <logic:present role="role1,role2,etc"/>

  2. A very good call on the logic:present tag. This was mentioned by someone present at the presentation as well (perhaps it was you?).

    It’s probably the best way to accomplish that task, given the current state of the technology. Ideally, role checking should be added to JSTL in the next release, but in the interim, it’s logic:present and request:isUserInRole

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