JRoller looks like crap in FireFox

Update: Or not. Perhaps I had an old stylesheet floating around, or someone changed a template. Either way, the new layout looks much cleaner, and in fact, much more professional than the old jaggy version.

I wish I had a link to give you with a screen capture, but it looks seriously like nobody tested the new JRoller layout under FireFox (v0.8). Something about the positioning of the DIV elements that causes the left panel (jagged blue image, “logged in as” text, or “Recent Drafts” when looking at your edit screen) to not be wide enough, and the main content ends up overlapping underneath it. Further, I’m noticing that the labels on buttons, etc. are sporadically being replaced with getMessage(“main”) or something like that.

Hope is coming soon. Kudos to the roller team for putting the work into a release, but looks like it still needs a bit of work.