Super Regional – Tech vs. Georgia

My excitement is on the rise for this weekend’s college baseball matchup between my alma mater, Georgia Tech, and No Name University. Tickets were apparently tough to come by, selling out within the first hour of their sale to the general public (available to GT donors and season ticket holders since Monday). That the university from Athens only reserved HALF of their 600 ticket allottment in a series that will decide a berth in the College World Series is both sad and amusing – only family and friends of players received tickets through UGA. Overall, I’m guessing this will lead to a huge home field advantage for Tech.

Russ Chandler Stadium is a great venue for one of the purest major college sports, baseball. Although we won’t get the beauty of a night game in downtown Atlanta, the 2 pm Friday start will give me an opportunity to cut out of work early, and perhaps lunch at Junior’s. Saturday and (hopefully no need for) Sunday noon starts mean nice sun and brunch tailgating. It’s almost like football season.


2 thoughts on “Super Regional – Tech vs. Georgia

  1. It’s okay, Jason, nobody’s perfect – at least you admit your weaknesses. There’s always grad school. 🙂

    Also, the dorms you’re thinking of were built by Georgia State. Although some Tech freshmen lived in those dorms in Spring of 1996, and for some reason the Institute is thinking about buying them from GSU, we didn’t build them. Now if we were talking about stinking, we could get somewhere. That is, if your school still has a name.

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