JDO 2.0 draft available, start your engines.

The JDO 2.0 expert group has released the Early Draft Specification for JDO 2.0. At 272 pages, it’s some nice light reading to start your day off. Still, persistence isn’t a trivial problem, so its not surprising that this spec needs to be large to fully address the problem.

I can’t yet gauge how fully the O-R Mapping portion will address real application needs, but it looks like a good start, the whole thing does, and I think, for once, I’m going to review the spec enough to provide some of that “public feedback” they’re soliciting. Hopefully the EJB3 expert group can give feedback on how JDO 2.0 can be tweaked to meet the needs of Entity Bean persistence instead of continuing this absurd pissing war that the groups have been involved in.