Tapestry in Atlanta Tonight

Howard Lewis Ship will be presenting on Tapestry tonight at the Atlanta Java Users Group meeting, details here. Wish I could be there – between my wife’s work function that requires spouse, and my birthday being today, I’m not gonna make it.

It looks like Erik Hatcher will be presenting on it at the Atlanta Java Software Symposium, so I can catch up on it there, though I may only attend the first half to attend the session on JSR-175 Metadata or Groovy.


2 thoughts on “Tapestry in Atlanta Tonight

  1. Don’t get too attached to the schedule posted at the NFJS site… it changes up until the last minute based on the speakers flight schedule and other chaotic rules. Hope to see you there, even it is just for the first half 🙂

  2. Right, I recall last year, I think Dave Thomas had flight issues, and a shuffle ensued. All I’m really hoping for is some Tapestry presentation at some point during the weekend. Presented by you (Erik) would be a bonus, since I heard good things about your presentation(s?) last year. We’ll see. Gladly, my gracious employer has agreed to send another developer from our team, so we’ll be able to catch more of the sessions between the 2 of us.

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