Hibernate on SF – down, or gone?

Hibernate‘s SourceForge site seems to be out of commission. The rest of SourceForge seems to be fine, including the main site and XDoclet.

I wouldn’t care, since the main Hibernate site suits my needs just fine. The problem is, for some reason, even using DOM4J 1.4, Hibernate won’t load the Hibernate mapping DTD locally, so it keeps trying to go to SF to validate it. This, of course, fails, and my app server won’t start up. The DOM4J issue is probably a result of JBoss’ classloader’s personal vendetta against me, so I guess I’ll have to actually track this down or hope that the SF outage is temporary and short.

Update: The SF site now directly redirects to, and the DTD has been reposted on SF, presumably to not break existing installations. Problem solved, though the switchover is still curious.