Feeling Like a Poker King

I’m surprised more technologists aren’t interested in poker. It’s a game based on statistics, on outsmarting your opponents, and it’s different every time. That being said, I had the pleasue one week ago of winning my first poker tournament. Nothing earth-shattering, a simple free tournament at a local bar. Still, there’s a certain satisfaction in combining luck with skill to beat 79 other competitors for a $40 bar tab and a 1 in 16 shot at a trip to Vegas.

Since this isn’t a poker weblog, I won’t get into the gritty details of it all. I will encourage anyone who’s curious to look into it a little more. Between online sites and local free tournaments, there are plenty of opportunities give it a try without putting money on the line. Do some reading on starting hand selection if you don’t want to completely waste your time.