Use Thunderbird for your RSS needs

If you have weblogs (or web sites) that you read regularly and support RSS, Thunderbird makes life MUCH easier. Sure, some web browsers support live bookmarks, and that’s all well and good for high volume sites (such as ESPN), where you might want to just see what articles are new, and jump straight to the one of interest. I would contend, however, that for lower volume sites, such as weblogs, The Server Side, etc., the paradigm of a newsgroup is more fitting. You want to know when a new entry is posted – normally you either end up checking too often, with no new entries, or forgetting about it, missing things that you would want to read. This is precisely how Thunderbird treats RSS feeds.

Once you subscribe to an RSS feed in Thunderbird, it checks your feeds at a configurable interval, and displays the number of new entries for each feed. You read the entry, without even opening a web browser, and it’s marked as read. You can either delete the entry from the folder, or keep it around for later reference. There’s still some work to be done so far as allowing you to sort and catalog the saved entries, but it’s worlds better than periodically checking your favorite blogs hoping there’s a new entry there, or even the ill-suited live bookmark concept.