Should JDO 2.0 be shelved?

Robin Roos of the JDO 2.0 spec team tells us to wait and have faith in the Java Community Process Executive Committee. Following the strong defeat of JSR-243 before the JCP Executive Committee, the expert group has 26 days to figure out whether it is prudent or even possible to pass a version of the spec. The future of Java persistence is in aligning EJB and JDO, guided by a spec that will be defined alongside the JSR-220 EJB3 spec. The time to market for the POJO EJB3-based persistence could easily be 6 months or longer, once approved, and the JDO 2.0 spec is generally complete and the vendors would be ready to push implementations of it in short order. Should existing JDO customers and developers doing green-field work use Hibernate, JDO 1, or custom code until EJB3 is ready for standalone deployment, or would they benefit more from the availability of JDO 2.0 to get the new features and a bridge to EJB3 persistence out in the wild?