Forking "Southern Fried Java"

I’ve been reading a good bit of Seth Godin and Hugh Macleod’s weblogs lately. Both are geniouses in marketing – Seth as the grand idea man, the viral marketing, the giving away of his work as a means to build his career and credibility. Hugh is less known, but there’s something very authentic in his bluntness that hits a nerve. He’s already turning heads, and I think he’s just getting started. Both recognize and evangelize that marketing as we know it is dead.

I’m not a marketing guy by trade, I’m a technologist with a decent business sense. But I’ve seen so many awful, feeble attempts at appealing to potential customers that I’m poking my nose into that realm. And as a potential customer, I feel for than qualified to raise a voice on what is and isn’t working. Instead of clogging this feed with my riffs on marketing and ways it’s done poorly, I’m developing a split personality. If you’re interested, head over to BadMarketing, Atom feed here. I’ve kicked it off with my treatise, Miserable Marketing, a , and a look at the odious Lovemarks marketing scam. Hope you’ll join me over there. If you decide I suck, at least check out Seth and Hugh.