I'm the development fairy

As mentioned before, I’ve been contracting back with my former employer as an outside-business-hours engagement. Hard to believe, but come tomorrow, I’ll have been at it for a month. Recently, there’s been an amusing development. My former co-workers discover some obscure nd ugly problem in the application we’re developing, and send me an email as they’re heading out the door to go home for the ngiht, asking me to look at it. I take a look at it that night, and by the time they come in the next morning, the problem’s fixed. Last night, the top issues were dynamic population of a select list using Javascript and IE completely flipping out when you try and populate a select list in a page from a pop-up.

I thought to myself how it would be nice to have my own development fairy for the day job. You leave in the afternoon frustrated with a problem, but when you come in the next morning, the problem is magically fixed. I guess that doesn’t sound too bad.


4 thoughts on “I'm the development fairy

  1. Many times I find that fairy in me, I don’t know how exactly, but I’ll get bogged down on a problem and all but give up. I go home for the night, eat sleep and be merry and get some sleep; come back to work the following morning and fix the problem right away. The answer was right there all along. Maybe you can be your own development fairy.

  2. I’m working on a project with a developer in Austrailia… I’m in the US. It works out the same way.

  3. True enough – the development fairy does indeed come in our sleep sometimes and grant us the solution we’ve been looking for. Still, there are some problems that even when I know the solution, implementation will be a royal pain. Perhaps I can begin implementing in my sleep as well.

    Regarding that Australia/US project, that’s very interesting. Haven’t heard of that too often, but with CVS and good design docs, I can easily see how it would be possible.

  4. Haha! I guess we have a new title for you now. 🙂 We were also wondering about another question – do fairies ever sleep?

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