My car… totalled

Had a lovely get together with a Hyundai Santa Fe on West Paces Ferry Rd on Tuesday night. My Toyota Camry is officially “a total loss”, so I’ll be spending my Memorial Day weekend in the hunt for a new car. I have a few criteria – I must fit in it (I am 6’6″), it mustn’t be overly expensive, it must get non-sucky gas mileage, and I would prefer it to be peppier than my Camry. New or used. Any suggestions?


2 thoughts on “My car… totalled

  1. I have been very happy with my Honda Accord. Although I went all out with it and got the high end model with a V6 (that still gets 25 MPG in the city) and Navigation. Very good car. Even at your height, you should fit in it nicely.

  2. As a fellow Atlantan, I’d suggest a tank. That’ll keep you safe from the other drivers out there.
    Seriously though, I’d agree with the Honda Accord. Depending on your definition of expensive, you could go with the low end Acura which is slightly nicer than the high end Accord.

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