Technology Rut

I’ve got some side projects I’ve been helping out on that are near launch, but by and large, my development has been fairly boilerplate using my standard technology stack. The day job is cool tech, but mostly hacking about on real engineering problems that don’t make for interesting blog material (unless you care to read about removing single points of failure and various linux hacking). The mechanics of managing monthly release schedules and processes isn’t exactly a “page turner” either.

I’m hoping to push some of these projects into new territory in the future, but for now, I’m doing stuff that doesn’t make for an exciting blog. Time to start gathering some Deep Thoughts.


One thought on “Technology Rut

  1. Cool, I am going to the Atlanta JUG tonight, too. It is a small world. To your post, have fun. Write code that you enjoy writing. Write a game. Me, I thought about working on some AI stuff, like I wante d to parse webpages and see if I could gather any semantic meaning from the pages. Completely useless for a business app, but really fun.

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