Do I Need Pointy Hair Now?

Good times at work – our development manager has shifted into a Chief Architect role, and I’m now the Development Manager. I still get to keep my hands in the code, but I also get the privilege of leading a fine team of developers in developing some darn cool software. One main push will be on continued improvement of our code quality and decreasing the frequency of production problems. We’ll also look for ways to improve our development process. I’ll still have thoughts to share on software development, but will also have musings on the development process. I’m quite excited.

It is a tremendous blessing to find myself in this place in my career, attaining a goal I’ve been pursuing for some time, and looking to set new goals. I can look at each career move and each non-move in my career and point to how it served a distinct purpose in bringing me to this point. From time to time, I had opportunities to leave this current job, but opted not to for a variety of reasons. Had I left, it seems unlikely I’d have been promoted to such a role so soon. With the importance of faith in my life, I give the credit to God, as I see the amazing plan of each career move up to this point playing a key role in preparing me for this time. Now I look to glorify Him by conducting my job with excellence and integrity. The boss on my desk calendar has pointy hair growing out on each side of his head. Is that a prerequisite I need to fulfill now?


Kids love the Mario pumpkin

Who knew so many kids still loved Mario? I’ve carved a Snoopy pumpkin and Buzz (Georgia Tech’s mascot) with minimal response in recent years. But this year the kids were yelling about Mario the pumpkin, as they approached our house to trick-or-treat. I’m not all that creative, I used a template to carve it, but I enjoy a good end result. Thought I’d share, and share my amazement – Mario might still be one of the most recognizable characters to kid. I figured I was just tapping the nostalgia of playing Nintendo 20 years ago, but Mario is still going strong. What other videogame character is so recognizable?