Pod-less Podcast – "The Art of Raising Capital"

What about listening to a Podcast on a regular phone? Dial 415-508-3265 to hear Guy Kawasaki reading “The Art of Raising Capital” – the 7th chapter of his excellent book for entrepreneurs, “The Art of the Start”. It’s a good way to gain some knowledge while burning off those spare rollover and unlimited-night-and-weekend minutes, especially while driving about in the car.

Guy has given Tailored Technologies permission to use his podcast in this technology demo. If it’s busy, try again in a bit – it’s a tech demo, so their 4-call capacity may need some adjustment depending on how widely the number is spread.

I find it useful because I regularly forget to transfer podcasts to my portable music player, and often find myself craving something interesting to listen to in the car. If they can get some more content up, I can see myself using this frequently. I’d imagine folks without iPods and such might care too.