I Read Your Blog

It’s not a threat, but it’s probably a safe assumption. At least if we work togther, worked together, if you came in for a job interview, or if you interviewed me for a job, if we knew each other in college, if I met you at a conference or community activity, if you’re the new or old boss or employee of someone I worked with, if you’re a sibling, relative, or friend of any of these people, or maybe just if you live on this planet.

A while back, someone I know was shocked when a group of people started discussing several posts from their blog. Especially since that blog had been deleted a while ago, but was still showing up in web caches. They were a good sport about it, even while being ribbed about their personal elaborations on love and life. It was nothing personal – I think we’ve chatted about blog posts of virtually everyone in our office who has a blog at one time or another – this one just happened to be treated more like a diary than a blog.

I don’t read too many blogs of personal acquaintances with any regularity, but I regularly stumble upon the personal blog of people I know, some more often than others. It’s compelling to catch up on what they’re doing, what they’re interested in, and what they’re thinking. Most folks realize that blogged thoughts are not private thoughts. When discussing business and personal matters on my blog, I operate on the assumption that the person I’d least want to read the post is going to read it. That doesn’t mean we all have to blog boring, it just means to blog consciously, being intentional about the thoughts and details we share.