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Mashable says Team Rudy “doesn’t suck”

Normally, I’d be fairly bummed if someone’s response to our software was “It doesn’t suck”. Mashable’s review of Team Rudy, which runs on the Wildfire platform we’ve built at WeTheCitizens, says precisely this, and I couldn’t be more excited.

Once Mark Hopkins gets through panning most presidential campaigns’ social web presences, he goes on to say, “[Giuliani] has one thing that few other candidates have presently: a kick-ass social network… and I’ve got to be honest: although I’m not a Giuliani supporter, this thing almost makes me want to be one.” I’ve heard this several times since we launched – even people who don’t have strong ties to Rudy have been drawn in and found the site addictive. The people who really do support Mayor Giuliani? Well, they’re really using the heck out of the site.  Two prolific users already have a personal teams of 131 other users, other users have shot up the rankings by bringing several rock star supporters into the network.  In just 2 weeks, the best supporters have already made half the “personal impact” that our best users from the Perdue campaign made in several months.
Thanks in particular to the Giuliani Team, who have helped tremendously by finding creative new ways to keep the application fresh, give supporters plenty to do, and really bring our software to life.