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Skribit Reloaded

Andrew Hyde notes that Skribit is now publicly available.  We had been in private beta as we stabilized the product and environment, and are now open to anyone with a blog who’s interested in collecting reader feedback on what they should blog about.  We also added some nice features along the way, and cleaned up some gaps on the Skribit site.

One key focus for this release was closing the feedback loop.  We notify bloggers when they get new suggestions, give them weekly activity summaries, and notify suggestors when a blogger writes about their suggestion.  Simple, but critical in keeping the conversation going.

Startup South is showcasing the Skribit widget as it now renders correctly when the width is narrowed.  Narrow-sidebar-bloggers rejoice!

Lastly, my contribution (with gratitude to acts_as_commentable) – you can now comment on a suggestion.  Because the meaning of a suggestion isn’t always clear.

Major cred goes out to Calvin (the feature machine), Paul, Jason, Lance, Alan, Josh, and anyone else I’m missing who made this latest release possible.  These guys make burning free time on a second startup a pleasure.

P.S. – You may note that I don’t have Skribit on this blog.  It’s not that I don’t want to use it (I REALLY do), it’s that hosted WordPress blogs such as this can’t handle iFrame widgets.  Boo.


6 thoughts on “Skribit Reloaded

  1. If you ever decide to move your blog to the .org variety take a look at Was a pretty clean fit. I’ll have to take another look at skribit.

  2. I’d definitely like to tackle WP support for Skribit soon, as I’m getting tired of hosting my own blog and am ready to move to

  3. It seems there aren’t many good ways of putting a full widget on

    I just swapped themes and now have access to more widgets, but it seems we’d need to convince Automattic to explicitly enable Skribit as a widget in order to have it fully work on The MyBlogLog approach is philosophically interesting, and I could conceive of an RSS implementation that wouldn’t be terrible.

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