ATDC Startup Showcase – Just Go

ATDC’s Startup Showcase will take place this Monday, May 9th, 2011. At $10 for a ticket, I recommend you take the afternoon and figure out a way to attend. I’ve enjoyed this event the past 2 years, and if I weren’t travelling next week, would absolutely be there. Some of the great reasons to attend:

  • Affordable – At $10/ticket ($15 walk up), it’s a lot easier buy than many conferences. Not only do you not need your company to pay for your ticket, you can actually pay for a ticket from cash in your waller.
  • Great Graduate Companies – A great class of companies is being recognized. I’ve had contact with graduates PlayOn Sports, BLiNQ Media, and Solohealth, and think very highly of them. Great startups, great momentum, and I expect the other graduates hold to a similar standard.
  • The Showcase – want to see what several dozen awesome Georgia startups are working on, and get the chance to actually talk to them instead of just staring at press releases and web sites? Lots of companies will have tables set up to show off and talk to you. If you want a startup job, this can be a good place to find a company that’s hiring.
  • Community – If you’re working on a startup, you need help, and you probably haven’t met everyone who could help you, or whom you could help with their company. Spend a few hours meeting other entrepreneurs, get some feedback on your ideas, pitch, strategies. Find someone to help. Good chance you’ll find someone you can help too.